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Containing The Most Powerful Subliminals Currently Available.
Authored By Duncan McColl of Pilgrim Tapes and CD’s


Duncan McColl

I am honoured to be able to offer you Duncan McColl’s amazing range of powerful self hypnosis healing and accelerated learning recordings. These are available to you as CD’s or as instant MP3 downloads.

Duncan is recognised as one of the leading masters in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and his range of recordings are world renowned for their power, and the fast acting change that they have helped thousands of people to achieve.

For over twenty years they have relieved physical and emotional pain, suffering and anxieties. These recordings are the result of decades of life experiences and common sense mixed with deep profound understanding of the human mind and psyche. They also contain over twenty five centuries of teachings from the greatest mind masters from the past, present and future.

Duncan's unique and intimate understanding of the subconscious control mind has allowed him to develop a range of products that, unlike most, are meticulously scripted to allow your control mind to accept and implement all the beneficial suggestions without resistance. Each recording has been extensively field tested and created with the advice of specialists in each area.

For example the Teenage Success recording took over three months to create. This kind of care has been taken with all products. The subliminals on these self hypnosis recordings have also gone through a rigorous examination to ensure that they will have the most amazing effects on you.

Duncan McColl had an attitude to healing and self understanding that was remarkable. He also had a resilience that is shared by true enlightened mind masters. These qualities come through in his recordings, as you will discover if you have listened to the one at the top of the page.

They are designed to restore full personal power and remove the victim response and learnt helplessness that we have absorbed from society and (unwittingly) our parents and carers.

They allow you to become more skilful at handling life's difficulties and encourage you to develop a resiliency advantage that few of us have.

Some words from Duncan about his recordings.

“These recordings are specifically designed to reinforce your understanding of the unlimited scope of your own natural healing powers.

We have all come to recognise and accept that there are certain fundamental laws of natural harmony and balance that govern the action of every molecule, of every atom, and every cell.

Yet we tend to forget that these natural laws apply equally well to ourselves. If you recognise and apply the laws with understanding you usually come out well ahead, because the natural world is really a very orderly place.

Where things don’t just happen, they have to be caused and we consciously or unconsciously play the leading role in contributing to all the events of our lives, all of the time.

So it pays to know how to apply your mind power effectively to reverse any problems that you may have unwittingly caused when you were perhaps confused, distracted or misled by others”.

The recordings may be used in three ways: conscious hypnosis, as subliminal recordings, and as powerful sleep learning. As your subconscious control mind never sleeps, you will gain full benefit from sleeping to your CD or MP3.

All subliminals and whisper subs are designed to have the maximum effect in the shortest time and are beneficial to all. The range of healing subs are especially effective in achieving equanimity of mind and balance.

A range of specialised subliminals is available on request, including some that are classed as "therapist only". All of these products are based on Duncan's unique approach to therapy that he called Precision Therapy. They are in effect Precision Therapy self hypnosis recordings.

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CD's are £19.00.

MP3 downloads are £15.00.

It is advised that international orders use the MP3 option for purchase.
As you can have your recording within a few minutes.
Whatever your location.